Legends of Luke Skywalker Easter Eggs and References

I’ve done these for the last few books and I thought I’d do one for Legends of Luke too. Not too much in this one, but still a decent number.

  • Lots and lots of OT nods, from Luke quoting Yoda to him getting to adventure inside an exogorth just like his friends in Empire Strikes Back.
  • As a part of Journey to the Last Jedi, there are several bits of setup for TLJ. Canto Bight is an important location that appears at the end, and fathiers are also mentioned often.
  • While undercover as a droid, Luke mentions Senator Amidala of Naboo was an accomplished poet in her youth. Makes you wonder if R2 told him about his mother like in Legends.
  • Luke takes a wounded Imperial to an Imperial research base on Jakku that the Imperials all but destroyed after the end of the battle. This installation was first mentioned as far back as the TFA Visual Dictionary.
  • A reactor leak from a damaged Star Destroyer turns sand into molten glass on Jakku, providing a major obstacle. A similar phenomenon of a crashed Star Destroyer turning sand into glass on Jakku was mentioned back in Before the Awakening, but from the descriptions I think they’re different locations.
  • A grateful scavenger gifts Luke a compass found in a case labeled ‘Pillio.’ Battlefront II spoilers: Pillio is the world where Luke will appear in the Battlefront II campaign.


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