Battlefront II Continuity Breakdown

1.jpgI usually only do these for books, but BFII was so packed with continuity that I decided I needed to do one for it as well. I’ve also added a new section for nitpicks and errors.

Continuity Nods and References:

  • After the destruction of the second Death Star above Endor, Admiral Versio says that Vice Admiral Sloane has called a retreat. Not only is this a nod to the character of Rae Sloane from A New Dawn and Aftermath, it is a direct nod to the short story The Levers of Power from the The Rise of the Empire collection, which shows Sloane calling the retreat.
  • There are numerous direct nods to Shattered Empire. The concept of “Operation: Cinder” and the Sentinels are from the comic, as well as the attack on Naboo. Look closely during the cutscene after the space battle and you can see three N-1s. They’re Leia, Shara, and Soruna as seen in the comic. Leia wears her comic outfit during the ground portion of the mission.
  • The game also has nods to the other major bit of post-ROTJ media, the Aftermath trilogy. The Observatory on Pillio is in the same vein as the one on Jakku from Empire’s End, and the Starhawks as a class are mentioned during the Battle of Jakku. Specifically the Unity calls for help, which is one of the three named in the book. Admiral Versio directly mentions Rax in his final scene on Jakku.
  • Iden briefly expresses concern to Del that the Rebels will throw the pair of them into Sunspot Prison. The prison was introduced in the Rebel Jail arc of the Marvel Star Wars comic.
  • Han is searching for a way to free the Wookiees from Kashyyyk in one campaign mission, which is consistent with the first two Aftermath books. He also has a beard, which the first Aftermath established as growing in the early months after Endor.
  • The Anoat system blockade from Uprising is a part of one mission, and a bystander will mention Adelhard himself.
  • Plenty of Rebels nods here and there. Shriv uses the swear ‘Karabast’ at one point, as used by Zeb and Pao in Rogue One. A bystander on Takodana will mention his time at Skystrike Academy, which was featured in an early episode in season three. A bystander on Takodana will describe a Lasat, mistaking it for an odd Wookiee. Iden uses an ID10 droid, the successor to the ID9s used by Seventh Sister. Lothal and Mykapo are mentioned by Del.
  • Because of the release dates and the fact that the book is a prequel, it’s hard to know what is a deliberate callback to the book and what was written for the game but included in the book first. For one example, the pilot of the Corvus has the same name as in the book, but the game writers likely came up with it instead of Christie Golden, and for another the final level mentions Del’s early stationing at the Citadel on Scarif, which was mentioned in the book first.
  • Some little Legends nods here and there, from Czerka to Runyips and Beldons to Maul’s bio mentioning killing a Jedi named Siolo’urmanka.
  • The ship model of the *Corvus*, Raider corvette, originates from the *X-Wing Miniatures* by Fantasy Flight.


Errors and Weird Things:

  • The mention of Sloane calls her a Vice Admiral during the Battle of Endor, but the short story that established she called the retreat simply calls her a full Admiral multiple times.
  • Some aspects of Han’s campaign mission are a bit awkward placement-wise. He’s searching for information on how to free the Wookiees, so I initially figured this was after his first attempt and Chewbacca’s kidnapping and that the info would lead him to Golas Aram, but Chewbacca turns out to still be with him during the mission. It could fit in before the first Aftermath interlude, but that would mean the information Han worked to acquire in the mission amounted to seemingly nothing.
  • The most confusing one to me, one story in Legends of Luke Skywalker shows Luke acquiring a compass labeled ‘Pillio’ in the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Jakku. I initially figured that was the compass that would lead him to Pillio in Battlefront II. Problem is, the Pillio mission takes place long before the Battle of Jakku. There’s no hard error, because the story in Legends of Luke Skywalker is secondhand and details could be fudged, but it’s an odd choice to me on the part of the author.

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