The Last Jedi Production Mysteries

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The DVD is set to drop in a few weeks with 14 deleted scenes and some mysteries, like what happened to the third lesson, will be cleared. Yet there is still what appears to be an entire sequence unaccounted for.

Back in May of 2016 Ireland shooting for The Last Jedi was in full swing and the fandom got its first glimpse of various scenes that would later appear in the movie. Some, like what everyone assumed to be a sea monster Rey would fight, are particularly amusing in retro-respect:

However, there is one set of photos and descriptions that still have not been accounted for. Nor do they make any sense in the context of what happens in The Last Jedi. I’m speaking, of course, of the infamous ‘Knights of Ren’ photos. During that month various Star Wars news sites, such as Making Star Wars and Star Wars Underground, displayed pictures of what appeared to be dark clad and masked warriors who appeared to be on Ahch-To:

As well as a picture and description of an apparent crashed TIE Fighter-like ship:

Yet the Knights of Ren are never even mentioned let along visit a green planet in the movie. Further, them visiting the planet doesn’t fit any point in the movie. Even stranger, a partial mock-up of the Falcon was built, but appears to have gone unused:

However, the Falcon is on the landing strip down by the water for its entire time on Ahch-To.

So what happened to the scenes and what were they filmed for? Trevorrow did say he asked Rian to film something small, but this looks like an entire sequence complete with costumes and large props! Further, he had been brought on board just nine months earlier and would have still been working on the first script (for comparison, Rian took about 13 months between hiring and the first draft of VIII). How were these scenes developed to the point they could be shot on-location when the script wasn’t even finished?

The other big question is, if these scenes were originally intended for IX, are they still?

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