On Recent Events Follow Up

I’m in a bit of a better place mentally than yesterday after talking to some others and getting a bit of a perspective. So, I won’t be quitting, but I also can’t pretend the fandom landscape hasn’t been changed. A few other thoughts after the jump.

First, thanks for the encouragement! Many of you have either talked or messaged us, both on the discord and on social media and have said some very touching things. We love the community we’ve built up and it’s become unlike anywhere else in the fandom. So, thank you!

Second, after finally getting to analyze a couple of sections of the movie, I stand even more firmly behind our analysis. I also recognize it’s the nail for many people and fully understand if we sound conspiratorial and delusional. That said, I’m still going to write about what I think and make no apologies for it.

Third, “never attribute to malice what can be explained by ignorance”. After I calmed down enough to look at it from Rian’s perspective, I realized he probably thinks he’s just having fun with the fandom and doesn’t necessarily realize the negative effects his humor have now and down the road. While I think his attitude towards Rey (and Finn) is a bit backwards and unfortunate, it’s one shared by many and going silent just ensures that will never change.

For my sanity, I’m going to take that week off from writing and let things settle a bit, but we’ll see each other again, I believe that.

Speaking for myself only,


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