Background Screams in The Last Jedi

Written by robotical712

At two points in the movie you can hear screams played in the background.

The first occurs when Rey is called to the dark side cave and involves a series of repeated, but distorted versions of the same adult female scream, but also an undistorted girl’s scream (one short interlaced with the adult screams and then a long one at the end).

The second can be heard when Luke is looking into Ben’s mind during the third and final flashback. You can hear what sounds like a lightsaber igniting, a male warcry (for lack of a better term) and an adult female screaming.

It’s possible Luke isn’t hearing the future, but the past – and the same event Rey does in the first segment.

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  1. I watched TLJ twice and only really noticed the scream of a woman during Luke’s memory flashback.

    This is not a “Force vision”, it’s the vivid memory of Luke. Therefore I can only conclude that either a female pupil followed Luke, or Ben was in bed with a woman at the time. But this is Disney, so we’ll never know!


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