A Take on The Last Jedi from DisturbanceintheFrost

Disturbanceinthefrost on Tumblr recently posted about how more information has affected her view of our ReySky interpretation of The Last Jedi. With her permission I’ve re-posted it here.

When I first read swshadowcouncil ‘s ReySky interpretation of TLJ I certainly wanted it to be true but between Rian’s reyl0 baiting and all the “fan expectations” talk it just seemed too unlikely. But I can’t deny that more and more stuff coming out seems to be lining up with their interpretation.

I mean Luke’s internal monologue from the comic is so ReySky I almost can’t believe it’s real and not fanmade.  What is going through Luke’s mind in that comic is pretty much exactly what I thought when the “I’ve seen that raw strength once before” clip first came out in the trailer.

Then there’s the deleted scenes, 2 of them really seem to line up with the ReySky interoperation. First there is the “Luke has a moment” scene, which is where we see him grieve for Han. Mark Hamill has actually stated that Luke was putting on a facade in front of Rey when talking about that deleted scene.  So…yeah he wasn’t acting like a jerk to Rey because he’s just a jerk now.  Why this scene was cut remains a mystery to me.

The other deleted scene of interest is the “caretake village sequence”. Ugh…okay I actually hate this scene and am glad it was cut. Luke absolutely does go too far in this scene first by letting Rey think the village is under attack but I think the worst part is the way he actually laughs at the way she ran off quickly before Luke could tell her the truth.  That is so OOC for Luke I can’t even. All that said right at the end of the scene when Rey is yelling about how she believed in the stories of Luke Skywalker you can see that Luke has let his mask slip and his real emotions are showing through. imho the emotions on his face just don’t line up with Rey being random.

And the more I think about how much Rian loves subversion (seriously he loves it: you think that is a space ship? HA! More fool YOU, that is an IRON!!!) the more I think that doing a double subversion (is that the right phrase?) for Rey’s parentage is exactly what he’s done.  He subverted expectations with the Rey random reveal and now the expectation walking into EpIX is that she’s not Luke’s daughter so if it turns out that she is after all then that’s another subversion “thanks” to Rian.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like this approach to Rey’s parentage mystery, at ALL, but at this point I’m about 85% sure that’s what Rian did.  If it had been up to me Rey would have been confirmed Luke’s daughter in TFA (which i’m pretty sure was JJ’s original intention) and we could have all been spared what is going to end up being 4 freaking YEARS of this BS.

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