Episode IX Teaser Predictions!

The Star Wars Shadow Council gives its predictions and hopes for what will appear in the Episode IX teaser!


First, the basics. The main thing this trailer has to do is get a weary, divided fandom psyched out of their minds about Episode IX. As such, I’m predicting a much less somber, dark tone than the trailers for TLJ, though maybe a bit less giddy and lighthearted than TFA. Given the structure of past Celebration trailers, we likely open with a voice-over, see a lot of footage with minimal dialogue, and then end on a “sting” similar to “Chewie, we’re home” or “It’s time for the Jedi to end.” And, since we STILL have not gotten a title, it stands to reason that we’ll discover it in the title card of this very trailer. But who am I to make such a boring, safe prediction? Let’s throw some narrative spaghetti at the wall here!

Since the first two Celebration trailers opened with a Luke narration, I’m going to predict that we’ll mix it up this time with a non-Luke speaker. In my dream world, it’s Yoda and Obi Wan’s exchange after Luke leaves Dagobah, but even I’m not enough of a delusional ReySky to think it will be that… probably. Under this voice-over, we see shots of Kylo looking tormented and moody (“Reckless is he….” okay I’ll stop), the battle-weary Resistance hiding on the jungle planet, shots of run-down ships and buildings, Leia looking concerned (“Now matters are worse….” OKAY I’ll stop), and so on. Some Finn and Poe in their Han Solo cosplay next, to tickle our “Hey, I recognize that shot!” fandom brains, then a badass shot of Rey in her shiny new outfit (…..”thatboywasourlasthopeNOTHEREISANOTHER” OKAY okaaay! The quote is OVER! Jesus). Following this, a montage of shots of cool aliens, ships, explosions, and battles, all that good pyew-pyew laser stuff we know and love.

Then, for that final sting, we need a line that really gets the audience all giddy for the title card we’ve all been waiting for. Maybe by Maz. Sure, why not. So we get a shot of some highly-anticipated moment, let’s say Rey igniting her saber, with Maz saying something cryptic yet thematically relevant, like “It’s time for you to choose who you really are” or “The truth will be revealed,” or “Luke Skywalker is your dad and he’s gonna come back to give you a ghost hug,” or something. Cut to black, blaring brass sections, title card: “Star Wars Episode IX: Dawn of Hope, Which Will Be The Title Of This Movie Just Like Sprinx Predicted.” Boom. Done. Make it so, Kathleen.


I think that the trailer for Episode 9 will naturally be thrilling and intriguing. Disney and Lucasfilm will definitely play up the sense that, as this is touted as the last of the episodic Skywalker saga, all things have been building to now. As is typical of a lot of trailers we see these days, I personally expect a lot of flashy quick edits and some pulsing percussion intermixed with deconstructed John Williams themes. The faces of all the main players, possibly a tribute shot of Leia included. Ships shooting and speeders flying around

Not much revealing content, aside from finally getting a title, but enough to stoke the hype of the masses, both in person at celebration, but also in the wider world.  

I think at some point in the teaser, we could see the broken pieces of Anakin’s then Luke’s and now Rey’s lightsaber. Perhaps they’ll go all “reforged is the blade that was broken” on us. Maybe even show it lighting up again for the first times, with the repaired cracks illuminated.


I think that given that this Episode is the conclusion of the Skywalker Saga and given that the teaser is likely to premiere at celebration it’s possible that it might not just feature footage and dialog from Episode IX but like the teaser for The Force Awakens it could feature lines and even footage from previous films to underscore the fact that this film is supposed to conclude everything and tie the whole series together.  I think it’s more than likely that some of the footage that was shown to the Disney shareholders: shots of the Blockade Runner, Rey with Chewie’s bowcaster, Kylo looking at Vader’s helmet, etc. will be used. I also think that in keeping with the teasers for The Force Awakens and the Last Jedi Mark Hamill will have some lines of voice over though Luke is unlikely to be shown unless its in footage from earlier movies. The trailer will likely end on a line from Leia that sets the tone for the film similar to Han’s “Chewie we’re home” and Luke’s “It’s time for the Jedi to end”.


First, I’m piggy-backing on sprinx’s idea that the trailer will climax and feature the surprise reveal of Episode IX’s title, similar to Avengers: End Game. As far as the trailer goes, I see this as potentially 1 of 2 total trailers we’ll get (1- this teaser, 2- the official trailer in the fall near Thanksgiving, plus a potential Behind-the-scenes reel at D23 over the summer). I suspect this will be a teaser very similar to TFA’s 2nd teaser trailer in scope (a decent chunk) and plot information (mysteriously secret per JJ, without many details on plot). My general outline stands on the foundation that Episode IX was always intended to be Leia’s movie – It may begin in pitch black with a distress call or droid message beeping, and echoing in the darkness. A voice-over of Leia sending a secret transmission, reminiscent of her plea for help that started off the franchise’s adventure in 1977. She calls out to the entire galaxy, each system, as all have been without a unified Republic following the Hosnian Cataclysm, and each likely fearing to do anything more than protect its own peoples. Instead of sending a distress call for help, her only hope, she instead sends a message inspiring resistance, the galaxy’s only hope against the tyranny of the First Order. Vivid imagery flashes in and out of darkness (see: scenes described at the Disney shareholders’ meeting) as Leia’s potentially last words bring us to tears while sparking the fire inside us all – it’s time we all stand up…. To face the greatest darkness the galaxy may ever see – immediately cut to Kylo Ren igniting his cross-guard saber with the Knights of Ren standing at the ready in the pouring rain (see: Rey’s Force vision). Cut to the title, screaming, crying, dancing, hugging, watching again and again and again. (OK, I think I got away from myself here, but you get the gist).


Predicting teasers is like predicting the weather a month from now. Even when you’re relatively sure what the film will be about and the overall plot, what goes into a teaser is entirely up to the one putting it together. Teasers are all about evoking emotions and getting you excited to see the movie and rarely contain much, if any plot information. With that said, it can still be a fun exercise to imagine what the teaser will look like.

For both of JJ’s TFA teasers there was a heavy emphasis on nostalgia and the idea history was repeating. Star Destroyers crashed in the desert were juxtaposed with stormtroopers standing at attention. Vader’s melted mask was shown alongside a masked figure with a red lightsaber. The teasers were also intended to get you wondering who the characters were and what happened to the old. Where Rian’s teaser drew our attention to one particular mystery and plot point (“The Jedi must end”). JJ’s hinted at the possibility of multiple mysteries.

As this is the last saga movie, the JJ will likely cut the teaser to reflect that. It will try to induce a feeling of a grand finale and that everything has come to this movie, but temper it with a hint of melancholy. As TLJ ended with the Resistance down to a tiny remnant, it will likely carry a strong feeling of desperation. It will seek to remind us a bit about where the characters are in their stories. Thus we will see the heroes working together as a team and likely individual shots for each one. A shot will be included illustrating Kylo still has conflict within him. The major new characters will each be shown doing something to define them. Perhaps we’ll even see a shot of Leia.

Of course, being made by JJ, the teaser will give us glimpses of the mystery boxes to come. We’ll probably see a large fleet battle and possibly a ground battle. Like both the TFA and TLJ teasers, there will likely only be an extended voice-over, possibly specifically recorded for the teaser.


I personally feel that that Episode IX is the ending of the episodic films and Skywalker saga, but I feel we will be getting more films set in the sequel trilogy era. there’s no way to accurately predict the trailer, it’s impossible. That being said, I do have a specific feeling I would like for the teaser. I’d like the feeling to be that of desperation and that this is the last stand of the heroes. It is now or it is never. Likely we will get voice over from one of the characters, preferably I would like to hear voice over from Rey and Finn, and general Leia Organa if possible. Other than that, I have no real predictions, I’m going in blind with zero expectations for what the teaser will be like.

Ravenclawmind: This will be the final episode of the saga films (for now, at least), so I expect JJ to go all-out and reveal the title and teaser simultaneously. I expect lots of crowd-pleasing shots – space battles, TIE fighters, X-wings, new ships, etc – and glimpses of Rey, Finn, and Poe together. I believe it will focus heavily on the Resistance and the struggles they are facing at the beginning of the film, and Leia will either have a voice-over line or there will be a shot of her facing away from the camera, similar to her appearance during the first TLJ teaser. I also predict we will see a brief glimpse of Kylo struggling both internally and externally, having become even more unstable during his time as the Supreme Leader. All in all, I think the teaser will be very similar to the shareholder footage and emphasize the buildup to the final showdown between the Resistance and the First Order as well as the ending to the sequel trilogy and the Skywalker saga


Alright first the easy stuff. I’m guessing we’ll probably get a slowed down and sadder version of a well-known Star Wars theme.If I had to guess I’d say either the Binary Sunset, because the sequel trilogy really loves Binary Sunset or if they want to go for a more ominous vibe, maybe the Emperor’s theme (which was also used in the Episode III trailer that just reveals the entire plot of that movie). We’ll probably get a look at all of the characters’ new outfits and maybe like one of the new characters, most likely Jannah. Lando might show up, but I’m not really sure about that. If he isn’t I definitely think he’ll have a moment similar to Han’s reveal in the Episode VII trailer. Oh and also Luke will show up frozen in carbonite because why not? But yeah I’m excited for the teaser because once it drops, I can finally start counting the days before Episode IX and also I can finally stop calling it Episode IX.


I have a difficult time making predictions for which I believe I have no evidence, but I agree with the popular notion that the trailer will offer us spoiler-free glimpses of what many felt lacking in TLJ, and the promise of evolutions of intriguing concepts that movie suggested. To that end, I anticipate a notably more mature, confident Rey, badass Finn, and (perhaps?) sober Poe. Kylo will remain a deliberate enigma until Episode 9’s release, so I predict that we’ll see flashes of both menacing/angry Kylo and a more contemplative version. I’m confident we won’t see Luke, but I think it likely we’ll hear him in a voice-over. Leia, however, strikes me as the most likely voice-over candidate, although if we see her, I doubt it will be a very clear look. I would love to hear “You cannot deny the truth that is your family,” voiced over a quick Rey/Finn/Kylo montage, but that might be considered too revealing for now

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