Release Schedule for Journey to The Rise of Skywalker

The Art of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker cover

For convenience, I went through and ordered the Journey to The Rise of Skywalker announcement by release date.

October 4

  • Ultimate Star Wars New Edition
  • We are the Resistance (Little Golden Book)
  • Resistance Heroes (Young Reader)
  • First Order Villains (Young Reader)
  • Choose Your Destiny: A Finn and Poe Adventure
  • Spark of Resistance (Middle Grade Novel)
  • The Resistance (Sound Book)
  • TROS Magnetic Playset
  • TROS Search and Find

October 8

Star Wars: The Ultimate Pop-up Galaxy

October 9

TROS: Allegiance #1

October 14

Amazing Sticker Adventure

October 16

TROS: Allegiance #2

October 23

TROS: Allegiance #3

October 30

TROS: Allegiance #4

October ?

Star Wars Adventures #27

November 12

Resistance Reborn (Novel)

November 19

Force Collector (YA)

November ?

Star Wars Adventures #28

December 3

The Movie Making Magic of Ships and Battles (BTS Hardcover)

December 17

The Galaxy Needs You (Picture Book)

December 20

  • TROS Official Guide (Kids Reference)
  • The Art of TROS
  • TROS Visual Dictionary
  • Official Movie Special
  • Episode IX

December ?

Star Wars Adventures #29

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