Force Related Artifacts in Canon

Lightsabers are but one Force attuned type of object in Canon and a number of other artifacts have been introduced. Many were purposefully constructed, but some Sith artifacts came to be infused with their owners’ dark side energies. The Jedi had a large collection of such artifacts and even a secret stash of dark side related artifacts called the ‘Bogan Collection’. After the Jedi fell, Emperor Palpatine put enormous effort into locating and studying such artifacts, establishing secret repositories across the galaxy.

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Objects Revealed So Far:

Bright Star (Vader Immortal)

The Bright Star was an ancient Mustafarian artifact held by Lady Corvax which gave life to the moon. When Lady Corvax’s husband was killed, she attempted to resurrect him with the artifact. Unfortunately, the energies unleashed completely destroyed the surface of Mustafar. Thousands of years later, the Empire excavated Corvax’s castle located under Vader’s fortress in pursuit of the Bright Star. With it, Vader hopes to find a way to resurrect Padme.

Darksaber (The Clone Wars, Rebels)

Kenobi vs Vizsla

The Darksaber is the only lightsaber with a black blade and was created by the first Mandalorian Jedi, Tarre Vizsla. After Tarre died, the blade was stolen from the Jedi Temple during the Old Republic’s fall by Vizsla’s clan. The Darksaber became a symbol of Mandalore and heirloom of House Vizsla.


Holocrons are the most ubiquitous type of Force attuned artifact after lightsabers. Both the Sith and Jedi used them as data repositories. Unlike lightsabers, holocrons could only be used by someone sensitive to the Force. Two Jedi and Sith holocrons can be combined by their respective practitioners to reveal any answers the users desire. Maul and Ezra performed such a ritual in Rebels.

Kazerath Device (Poe Dameron #20-22)

The Kazerath Device was an ancient artifact constructed with the light and dark sides of the Force and intended to be operated by both. Lor San Tekka attempted to steal the device on Cato Neimoidia six months before the events of The Force Awakens, but was caught and had to be rescued by Black Squadron. The device’s purpose and function isn’t known.

Luke’s Compass (Battlefront II)

A Force artifact for presumably navigational purposes Luke Skywalker discovered in the Emperor’s Observatory on Pilio. Its exact function is unknown. The Compass can be briefly seen in Luke’s hut on Ahch-To and on Ben’s bedside in the flashbacks in The Last Jedi.

Sith Artifacts

Ashas Ree Power Source (Resistance S2E7)

Ancient Sith power source holding incredible power. The power source was discharged during a brief fight between the Resistance and First Order relic hunters on Ashas Ree, rendering the artifact inert.

Darth Atrius’ Lightsabers (Star Wars Annual 4)

A pair of lightsabers which belonged to Darth Atrius. Those who held the sabers were susceptible to being driven into a murderous rage, killing everyone around them.

Great Crystal of Aantonaii (Complete Locations)

An artifact Palpatine had in a secret collection within a Coruscant Republic Medical Facility during the Clone Wars.

Mask of Viceroy Exim Panshard (Empire’s End)

This mask was once worn by Pexim Panshard who slaughtered hundreds for his own amusement. The mask absorbed his dark side energies and could feed off the wearer’s fear, driving them into a berserk rage. The Emperor’s Sith adviser, Yupe Tashu, gave it to the young Acolyte of the Beyond, Kiza.

Malachor Sith Temple/Super Weapon (Rebels)

The Sith Temple on Malachor was a giant Sith Temple powered by a giant Kyber Crystal. Before the temple could be used, the Jedi attacked. During the attack, the temple was fired on its own location, petrifying Jedi and Sith alike. Millenia later, the temple was visited by Ahsoka, Maul, Ezra and Kanan. Maul wished to use the temple to get revenge against Palpatine. Ezra activated the temple, but refused to fire it.

During this, Darth Vader arrived and engaged Ezra aiming to claim the weapon. Before he could, Ahsoka intervened and Ezra removed the holocron which started a chain reaction, destroying the superweapon.

Momin’s Mask (Lando, Vader 2017)

The mask of Darth Momin. Momin’s spirit was attached to the mask after he lost control of the Dark Side energies he was channeling in an attempt to freeze a city in time at the moment of its destruction. Momin could take over the mind and body of anyone who wore the mask. The mask was found and held in the secret Bogon collection of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and found by Emperor Palpatine after the Order’s fall. Vader was ‘gifted’ the mask by Palpatine when he selected Mustafar as the site of his fortress.

Momin promised Vader he would design his fortress to harness the dark side nexus it was built over. When Vader opened a portal to a netherworld, Momin revealed his true plan and brought his body back. However, Vader killed Momin after a brief fight. However, the mask still retained Momin’s evil decades later and could have a corruptive influence on those nearby, physically altering them and driving them insane. The mask was presumably destroyed when Lando destroyed the Emperor’s yacht it was aboard.

Sith Raiments (Empire’s End)

The Emperor had four artifacts from the Old Sith Empire in his Observatory on Jakku: a red mask, a white lance, a bloody banner and a black holocron. Gallius Rax gives them to Sith Advisor Yupe Tashu and then pushes him into the life essence of Jakku, corrupting it with their power. The resulting corruption nearly destroys Jakku, but Sloane stops it.

Sword of Khashyun (Galaxy’s Edge #2, 4)

A powerful Sith artifact owned by Dok-Ondar on Batuu after the events of The Last Jedi. He hid the sword to keep it out of Kylo’s hands, fearing its destructive potential. Legend says it was forged by Dowutin Sith Warriors who eschewed lightsabers as for the weak. The sword is said to be cursed and drove the sect to betray each other.

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