Does Baby Yoda Live in Australia? Quick Break Down of The Mandalorian Official Season 2 Trailer

Below are initial/first reactions for each scene shown in the Official Season 2 trailer for The Mandalorian. **Speculation and Discussion may contain spoilers** Proceed at your own risk….

The official Season 2 trailer of The Mandalorian is finally here! And in case you missed it, here’s the link to the official video-

But What Does it Mean? – robotical712

The prayers of *Star Wars* fans have finally been answered and we now have a trailer for the second season of the breakout show to sink our teeth into. While fans were hoping for an Ahsoka appearance, Favreau and company decided to take a more measured approach to our first glimpse of what they have planned. Perhaps more appropriately called a teaser, the preview eschews flashiness for building anticipation and underlining the conflicts setup in the first season.

Throughout most of the trailer, the conversation between Din Djarin and the Armorer from the final episode of last season replay over scenes of the clan of two searching the galaxy. The tone is one of uncertainty as Mando and the Child search for the latter’s family or the Jedi ‘clan’. While the pair may not know precisely what they’re looking for, it is clear there are those looking for them in an already dangerous galaxy. Thus the trailer sets up a feeling of exploration and looming danger while the two continue to learn what the other means to them.

It is in the final scenes of the trailer that the other important question of the series arises. Immersed in a world of violence and chaos, will the Mandalorian be enough to keep Baby Yoda not only safe from monsters, but keep him from growing up to be a monster?

Blow by Blow – Han Spinel

The trailer opens in silence, and fades into a shot of our beloved Razor Crest (possibly now called The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Transport due to a legal copyright issue). MBHT, the unofficial Razor Crest, whatever you want to call it, it does not appear to be in great shape….

Will Yavin 4 be making an appearance?

The Razor Crest is seen not flying, but hovering with sparking engines, over what looks like a gas-giant planet similar to Jupiter, heading toward an Earth-like planet similar to…. well, Earth! Could this be Yavin 4?!

Keen eyes will have also pointed out that the cargo-door is open, but why?! It appears to have seen better days, but hopefully it can make it to nearby habitable-looking planet.

Also, Ludwig Gรถransson is back at it again, as the music plays with ominous bells/chimes with what then sounds like a didgeridoo kicking in, which is a sacred Australian Aborigine instrument (the low, distorted-sounding voice). More on this below!

The opening narration is dialogue from Season One between the Armorer and the Mandalorian regarding what is to be done with Yiddle (Baby Yoda). The quest involves returning the foundling to its home world and to an enemy group of sorcerers called “Jedi.” ๐Ÿ‘€

Tough to say where this shot is; some odd land forms perhaps similar to large termite structures found in… sticking with the musical cues… Australia. ๐Ÿ‘€ Perhaps this is yet another sand planet not named Tatooine, not named Jakku, but maybe named Pasaana (shooting from the hip here)?

Cathedral termite mound - Litchfield National Park, NT (2)

But wait! Maybe we’re not out of the Tatooine woods just yet, as the very next shot shows a Sand Person riding a bantha as our beloved MBHT flies in the background!

In typical Star Wars fashion, what would a desert planet be without another snow world? Some have speculated that the snow world may actually be Ilum. Either way, who doesn’t want to see Baby Yoda get his tongue stuck to a frozen pole?! ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿฅถ

More than a few fans have speculated that this is Ilum.
Yiddle, don’t dew it!

The Mandalorian is then seen walking through what looks to be a pier of sorts, and judging by the next couple shots of sailing on a barge-like ship. One will note all the Quarren filling much of the population of humanoids, suggesting this could be their home world of Mon Cala. ๐Ÿ‘€ Was Mon Cala the Earth-like planet shown in the opening shot?!

He rides a ship! We cry!

They also highlight this hooded woman when discussing the enemy sorcerer Jedi, and the trailer makes a point to show that this woman is observing in the distance, and after the passing of a few bodies, she vanishes. Force-user, or just plain sneaky? Some are already theorizing that this woman may be Sabine, though we don’t think she looks anything like her.

Enemy Sorcerer?
Now you see her….

The Mandaloria appears to have teamed up with a group of X-wing pilots for a new mission! Could we see the return of our famous Director’s Squadron of Filoni (Trapper Wolf), Famuyiwa (Jib Dodger), or Chow (Sash Ketter)?! ๐Ÿ‘€

The return of Greef Karga and Cara Dune; they both look happy to see someone, a good guess is Mando and the Babe!

Some cool mechanics shown with folded TIE wings preparing for take-off!

Some Empire-era Stormtroopers running through a very Death Star-like corridor…. Reminded me of a Battlefront 2 montage, actually. We can tell these are not First Order troopers despite not seeing their facemasks because the back of their armor does not contain the black-filled circle:

Pin by Matt Hayner on Star Wars | Star wars stormtrooper costume, Star wars  stormtrooper, Stormtrooper
Vader's Fist | Storm trooper costume, Stormtrooper, Star wars costumes

Following, more Scout Troopers jumping off into a canyon from what appeared to be a landing platform for ships (hard to say):

Next, we cut to the Mandalorian either attempting to survive drowning or surfacing from an underground/underwater pathway to gain stealthy entrance to some unknown location. What say you?

We cut quickly to Mando and his jet pack jumping off what appears to be the same cliff/canyon the Scout Troopers were seen flying into (above):

Mando is then seen firing at a post holding a prisoner upside down. I believe this may be the same person we see Mando talking to at the arena (below):

More Mando heading into an ice-cave, and you can call me a Hoth simp because I do like the snow.

This next shot is of the MHBT entering an atmosphere out of control and burning up, which is likely tied to the opening shot and this is falling toward our Earth-like planet:

Then we see Mandalorian entering a fighting arena with two “Gammorian Guard” creatures (made famous at Jabba’s palace in Return of the Jedi) battling it out.

We see Mando talking to a cyclops (possibly the same creature he frees from hanging upside down?). The narration over these scenes is:

Mandalorian: Wherever I go, he goes
Unknown Cyclops: So I’ve heard.

Though this cyclops appears to have lured Mando into a trap as he calmly looks over at Mando while three armed persons aim their weapons at Mando. Din activates his wrist rockets, and Yiddle hilariously closes his transport! We cut to black and hear only the sounds of battle taking place, and when we return, we see several fallen warriors ringside with Mando taking out the last one. Bad A? Why yes, yes he is…

And our logo new features not just the Mandalorian, but also baby Yoda walking beside our mysterious protagonist.

So, what did YOU think? Did we miss something?! Let us know in the comments below, and may the Force be with us!


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