Meet the Council


Robotical712 is a 32 year old father of two. He was a big fan of Star Wars in the late 90’s, but left the fandom in 2000 and rejoined when TFA came out. He got his start in the speculation community on reddit, but has since branched out and created r/StarWarsReference, a subreddit backed wiki for curating and analyzing Canon. His favorite eras are the Rise of the Empire and Galactic Civil War.


Pale is an 18 year old father of zero who first got into the Star Wars fandom in February of 2016 through the speculation community on Reddit. Soon, he branched out into being a wiki editor of /r/StarWarsReference in January of 2017, helping curate the continuing Star Wars meta. Pale enjoys the more rogue-ish side of Star Wars, rather than the mystical side. His favorite Star Wars movie is The Empire Strikes Back and his favorite era is the Galactic Empire era. Pale also reviews and rates music on


When she isn’t working on real space ships HypersonicHarpist enjoys stories about fictional ones. She first became a Star Wars fan in 1995. She enjoyed the old Expanded Universe novels (now Legends) back in the day and is now really enjoying the new Canon.


Sprinkles is a freelance theater artist and graphic designer from Seattle, Washington. She became a Star Wars fan in her teenage years, after getting so grossed out by the tauntaun guts scene in The Empire Strikes Back when she was eight that she refused to watch the series for almost a decade. She is most interested in the myth and folklore roots of the series, particularly how it relates to the work of Joseph Campbell. She chose her username because she was making rainbow sprinkle Chex Mix the same day she started her reddit account, and the rest is history.