New Information Revealed in Insider

The new issue of Insider, #177, has some TLJ info I haven’t heard before, or haven’t heard confirmed before.

  • Poe definitely gets demoted from Flight Commander to Captain.
  • Maz connects the heroes to a mysterious new ally (almost certainly DJ, as speculated).
  • New BB units include 2BB-2 and BB-4.
  • The FO also uses All Terrain Heavy Haulers (AT-HH) in addition to the AT-M6s.
  • The Crait speeders are called Roche Machines V-4X-D Ski-Speeders, and they date back to the Rebel Alliance.

Leia, Princess of Alderaan Easter Eggs and References

  • Obviously, since this is part of the Journey to The Last Jedi line, there is some set up for The Last Jedi. Crait is fairly important in the book, serving as an early Rebel base, and Amilyn Holdo is a supporting character. I loved her, personally, and I hope she is as strange and fun in TLJ as she was here.

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Inferno Squad Easter Eggs and References

  • Garrick Versio makes a reference to all senators being held in the Arrth-Eno Prison Complex following the dissolution of the Senate. This is a reference to the fist annual of Marvel’s Star Wars series, where Rebel agent Eneb Ray tries to free some of those senators slated for execution from that same prison complex.

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