Fun with Double Meanings

I was looking at a certain in from The Last Jedi and there was something I noticed. Spoilers ahead.

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We Think We Know What JJ Abrams Cut From The Force Awakens


Written by needsmoresprinkles.

As you may have seen in our earlier post, we’ve just learned some very interesting news about the ending of The Force Awakens. Namely, that there was some sort of inconsistency between JJ’s original vision and the story that Rian wanted to tell in his subsequent film, and so Rian asked JJ to cut it out of the final scene of the movie. This seems to corroborate early rumors that the final scene of TFA originally featured a moment making explicit the true relationship between Rey and Luke. Many of these initial rumors claimed this was to be a hug, but we have another idea.

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Star Wars Weekly News|11/25 – 12/2

LuketheNerd has volunteered to put together a list of Star Wars related news and happenings from the last week. Let’s welcome him and his first post!


A roundup of news for the week of November 25 to December 2nd.


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