Guest Post: A Different Take on the Contest Over the Skywalker Lightsaber

Twitter user Chey shared this interesting take on Kylo and Rey’s Force battle over the Skywalker lightsaber in a private chat. Reproduced with her permission.

Ooooh, that kinda reminds me of something I was talking to my dad about SW stuff and (my parents are both ReySky advocates, LOL) he brought up the battle for the legacy lightsaber in the throne room. He said it doesn’t make since for Rey to not be able to swipe the lightsaber right out from Kylo’s hands because she just easily did that exact thing on Starkiller unless you look at it like this:

On Starkiller, Rey still has hope that she can find her parents, that they’re out there, that maybe she can go to Luke and everything will click into place. Her inkling of hope of still finding her parents let the lightsaber easily go to Rey because the lightsaber knows she’s next in line for her father’s lightsaber. However, in the throne room, when she’s manipulated into thinking that her parents are dead nobodies, she also begins to think that there’s no reason to look anymore. That there’s no hope for it. Once again, the lightsaber senses this, the force senses this and there’s a weakness, a microscopic crack, which is why they end up fighting for it.

Definitely a compelling idea to consider.

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